Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Short fiction challenges

Not just one but two flash fiction challenges have just come my way. Patti Abbott wants the Mystery of the White Van explained by March 13th. Details are HERE.

And this led one of her commenters to make people aware that NPR also has a three minute fiction challenge. They are between rounds right now, but the site is HERE. If I think to keep looking at it, I'll let you know when Round 11 goes live. Or you could always let me know if you find out. Meanwhile they have a lot of links to past stories. It's pretty cool because the winners are read aloud on NPR.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A kwik read

It's really rather embarrassing that I've had my last post up for as long as I have, considering it was only supposed to be Christmas filler. Although I haven't been reading very many stories lately, the good new is that I can post to a link to a very fun one. Adrian McKinty's "Michael Coalhouse" has been picked up by Otto Pensler for his new anthology Kwik Crimes  which will be published later in the year. But why wait? You can read Michael Coalhouse right now. And it won't take you any time at all. Go find it HERE