Friday, April 8, 2011

Submission tips from 500 Words on Words

Over at too rare but excellent 500 Words on Words, Nathaneal Green has some good and practical tips on getting your short story published. I've submitted a few in my own time, some of which actually have gotten published and some fewer of which are still available on line. I'm planning on posting some links here over time, because really, why not? But meanwhile check out Nate's post HERE. His advice is uniformly sensible and sane.

Nate had a story published recently in  a new and cool little mag called Fractured West which features short, short stories. I ordered a copy and it arrived a few days ago. I've only read Nate's so far, which is excellent--had me going one way, then flipped me around in another. I'm looking forward to reading the rest soon.

Oh, here's a blog post I just  accidentally found with a bit more about Fractured West.

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