Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blogradio chat

I listened to this blogradio chat yesterday about hardboiled and noir fiction, hosted by Giovanni Gelatti and featuring authors Paul D. Brazill, Darren Sant and Luca Veste. Some of the sound is a bit garbled, but that's not surprising considering that these guys weren't all even on the same continent. I appreciated their discussion of  what noir and hardboiled meant to each of them, as well as some nice book recommendations. But what I really liked was the sense of excitement abroad about what it means to be an author publishing in these transitional times. When you work in an indie bookstore, a lot of the time the discussion is depressing--the end of books as we know them, the end of the brick and mortar store, the actual storefront. This may be true, and it will be sad if we lose actual objects and actual places when it comes to reading. But to listen to these guys, it has never been a better time to be a writer. They're getting their stories published and read, they're find a community of crime writers and they're excited about it.

I like being poised where I am between the old world and the new. It can be difficult to articulate my own stance, but it's very interesting to try.

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