Monday, September 17, 2012

Pea Green Boat

Haven't had an actual story you can listen to here for awhile. Adrian McKinty has been talking up Stewart Lee over at his place recently, and here is an audio he linked to of Lee's Pea Green Boat . I'd say it was mordantly funny, except I'm not sure I know what mordant means. Darkly humorous then. Very darkly humorous.


  1. Seana

    I loved this story/spoken word piece. It was so strange. If I was an editor at a publishing house this is the kind of voice I would be looking for. (And its why my publishing house would go bankrupt very quickly.)

  2. I liked hearing him sort of play it straight as a switch from his standup persona.

    I'd buy books from your publishing house, but that wouldn't help in the end.