Tuesday, November 13, 2012

bragging rights

I just heard today that The First Line is going to take my story for their winter edition.  I've posted about The First Line a few times here (like  my very last post) because they offer a  first sentence prompt, you write a story and send it in. No fees, no contest, it's pretty simple. That said, I have tried to write a story from their first line a few times and never had one accepted before. A couple of these stories have gone elsewhere since, so I've never felt like it was a waste of time even when I've gotten a rejection email, but I must say it does feel pretty good to write a story for a specific purpose and have it accepted.

I do feel that every once and awhile it's okay to toot my own horn here, because, let's face it, those moments are few and far between, but I also have another reason. The first line that this story came from wasn't particularly inspiring to me, and the only reason I tried it was because I'd blown their last deadline. And I think it's important to realize in writing that you never know what is going to come from what. You don't have to feel super inspired to begin something. Although I do think a deadline and the idea that someone on the other end of your email transmission will actually read it helps...    


  1. Congratulations, good job!! Janet

  2. Thanks, Janet. I actually saw this earlier and replied but I was actually on my coworkers email, so that may have been confusing.