Monday, December 10, 2012

Kobo Christmas stories

Wow--can't stay on that last post of a Thanksgiving story when it's one third of December done already.

I recently took advantage of the special offer Kobo did and bought one of their mini ereaders at a big discount on Thanksgiving weekend. It doesn't have any special features, but if you want just a nice font rather than the chance to watch movies or whatever, it's just fine. I'm not sure what I'll use it for, but I don't mind having it. You can support your favorite indie bookstore by buying your Kobo ebooks through their website, assuming they are on board with this program.

Anyway, I got an email from Kobo yesterday, telling me I could send a free Christmas story to a friend (or many friends) for the next couple of weeks. I sent one to a friend, namely myself, and it turns out that you can read it on a Kobo like screen on your own computer. So, if you want one, drop me a line here--my email is in the profile--and I will send you one. For the record, I sent myself At Christmas Time by Anton Chekov and one by Nathanial Hawthorne, so you don't have to stick with Dickens and the like.

Let me know...

Or actually, you could just go here and send one to yourself--and anyone else you like.

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