Wednesday, July 13, 2016

"Heartbreaker" by Maryse Meijer

I get an email from the writing magazine Poets & Writers every so often. Yesterday's was titled "Preview the Summer's Best Debut Fiction". I opened it rather idly, as, now that I'm not in the book business, I rarely know what's up and coming until it's down and gone.

It was quite a surprise, then, to see that the featured piece was a story by a writer I know--friend and former co-worker Maryse Meijer. I knew her book, a collection of short stories also called Heartbreaker, was due out, but it was still impressive to see the title story on their website.

"Heartbreaker" is an edgy story, effectively done. It will likely make you uncomfortable, as it's meant to, but you've had fair warning.

Here is the link to the Poets & Writers website, where you can read or even listen to the story.

Congratulations, Maryse!


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