Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Cool Thing to Do-LCRW

I recently renewed my subscription to Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, partly in gratitude for it being responsible for my story "The Pirate's True Love" having any kind of life out there in the world at all, but also because it is one of the coolest little zines around, and it is always a pleasure to find it in your mailbox. I received Issue 29 last week, and I have just read the first story, which is written by Jennifer Linnaea. It's called "Smash!" and has a little something to do with sea monsters. The LCRW folks do seem to have a preference for these seagoing tales. It was very good. And short. If you had a subscription you could read it in a few minutes.

So why not get a subscription? They're cheap, and it will make you cool, like me...Yes I am too cool! I mean maybe not before I upped my subscription, but I am now. At least till the subscription runs out.

Okay, getting a subscription to LCRW may not make you cool. But it will make you happy.

For happiness, enter HERE.

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