Sunday, May 4, 2014

Story for Saturday--Paul D. Brazill

Okay, it's Sunday already, but I just remembered an obvious post to do here, which is about Paul D. Brazill's blog. He's quite the promoter of the grittier side of British fiction, but more importantly for our purposes here, he does a Story for Saturday post every, well, Saturday, featuring his own work.

Brazill's stories tend to be VERY gritty but tempered by a dark sense of humor. They would probably range on the side of too gritty for my tastes normally, so be forewarned, but he is such a good writer that I  muster up my courage and plunge in. There's a morality to the Brazill universe--usually-- even if justice tends to come in a little late and a lot harshly. And I think there's a kind of compassion there for people living on the lower end of the economic order, playing the cards they've been dealt the best they know how. Which is not always to say well.

Here, forthwith, "Scopey's Choice".

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