Sunday, May 6, 2012

Short Story Month 2012, Day 6--Comics and random deities

Assyrian bird-headed deity

Possibly this should have gone up yesterday--in any event I was inspired to post it by National Free Comic Book Day, which took place on Saturday. We have two fine comic book stores in downtown Santa Cruz, and since they were both kind enough to participate in this fun day, I'll take a moment to give a nod to Comicopolis and Atlantis Fantasy World. Long may you prosper.

I was looking for a generator or random superheroes, as I thought that would be appropriate. So far, I've only found names rather than attributes, but I stumbled upon a "deity generator", and was very struck by this character, so it will be today's  prompt.

This god of assassination takes the form of an older man. He is tall and has a boyish build. His deep-set eyes are white. He has dark skin. His outfit is that of a warrior. He carries a sling. He has no shadow. He sometimes takes the form of a flying squirrel.

Scary dude, no?

logo bySteve Seighman

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