Monday, May 7, 2012

Short Story Month, Day 7. Flash Jab Fiction!

You know, I really have no idea if anyone is reading along here, and I'm not checking stats, because I have a feeling that that would be counterproductive. Even if I'm only challenging myself this month, that's all well and good. But if you are checking in here at all, I'm happy to announce that Jack Bates, one of my Grimm Tales  partners in crime, has put up a very timely post today, offering another round of the Flash Jab Fiction Challenge, where one and all are invited to send him their best short, punchy crime fiction. Here are his rules:

1) No picture necessary (Note: sometimes he's made the challenge link to a photo.)
2) 750 words or less
3) Please don't plagiarize
4) Get it back to me within the next two weeks or sooner
5) With the authors' permission, stories get posted at Flash Jab Fiction
6) This is a writer's exercise done for fun; no fees, no pay. You get a byline and you keep the all rights. (Please notify me if you sell it so I can yank it from the blog.)
7) Embed the story in an email and shoot it to me at (Bloody Knuckles reserves the right to post or not to post a story.)
Flash Jab Fiction, Bloody Knuckles, and The Hard Nosed Sleuth reserve the right not to post submissions. This is an adult fiction site but there are limitations to what I can run. No bigotry, pornography, or anything featuring the exploitation of children will be considered.
I like the pictures Jack  has chosen in the past, but maybe he's decided they are too daunting. In any case, this blog is all about prompts this month, so in case you need a nudge--or a jab-- I am going to the random word generator for help.... And the word is....


So head on over to Flash Jab , check out the lay of the land, and then, get cracking! You only have two weeks!

You have been warned.  

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