Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Short Story Month, Day 29. Story Subscriptions

I thought I might leave you with some reading ideas before the month wraps up. Because of course, if you're going to write stories, you are going to read some as well. Here are a couple of websites you can subscribe to, absolutely free. 

Narrative Magazine has a lot of contemporary fiction available, plus they have poems and other interesting content. They used to have puzzles, but apparently they are making room for new features, so I won't promise you that.

Library of America also has a free story of the week feature you can sign up for. True, often this not purely fiction, but may be journalism or some other nonfiction. However, it is all part of their ongoing attempt to bring to the public the best of American writing and is a laudible effort you may very well want to be a part of.

Speaking of literary tomes, here's today's prompt:

You're walking along and, on the edge of a planter, you see four old, red battered volumes in an untidy stack. People are passing by these books without a glance, but you go over and take a look at them and see that they carry the series title, "The Book of Knowledge". What do you do next?

(This is actually a prompt taken from life, but since, by coincidence, it happened to be very similar to the prompt Justin was running over at Forward Motion that day, I realized it might have a sort of archetypal potential.)

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