Thursday, May 10, 2012

Short Story Month, Day 10. Dedication

No, I'm not starting off here with a post exhorting you to be more dedicated. We all should be--let's just say we're working on it. What I had in mind was sending you over to a story that I found through Emerging Writer's Network at the beginning of this month. It's called Dedication, it's by Stephen Graham Jones, and you can find it HERE , at Smokelong Weekly. As he tells us in the author notes, his story was  inspired by another story, so it seems only fair that his story should in turn be a source of inspiration.

Here's today's prompt:

Think of a person who has been on your mind a lot lately. (You could do worse than to read Stephen's story right now, if you want to come up with someone besides your current infatuation, your mother, or your pet bulldog.) Think about their qualities. Think about what it would mean to dedicate a story to them. Would it be a love story? A tale  of vengeance? A nostalgic look back? What kind of story would you like to tell them that you have never, ever told them before?

If the idea is scary, then the time is ripe. Start NOW...

banner by Stephen Seighman

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