Saturday, May 19, 2012

Short Story Month, Day 19. Forward Motion

Forward Motion for Writers is a great website for writers, though you do have to register, so it might be a bit beyond the commitment level of this month's posts. It was started by the science fiction and fantasy writer Holly Lisle and is now run by Lazette Gifford, and has many fabulous things going on all the time. I hadn't been over there for awhile, but I just logged on again and, as I suspected, it's short story month over there as well. There's not actually a lot of reason to waste your time here when they do everything there but bigger and better, especially if you like to write sci fi and fantasy. One thing that's particularly apropos is the thread called Justin's Daily Exercises, which you can read as they come up or get through their random story generator.  I don't want to steal Justin's material, but trust me, it's interesting stuff. Forward Motion is a free site, though you can donate. There's really no reason not to register and check it all out, unless you're against that sort of thing on principle.

In case you are, I'll post a random story prompt here as well--I think I found the random story generator through Forward Motion anyway.

The story is about a cab driver who tends to annoy non-humans. It takes place in a shadowy realm on a world artificially created by magic. The issues of faster-than-light-travel and its effects on society is a major element of the story.

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