Wednesday, May 16, 2012

National Short Story Month, Day16. Ahura Mazda

Undoubtedly this will sound like one of those program generated story ideas, but in fact this is one I am taking from life. I was with a group of friends last night and one of them was talking about her experiences with online dating. I didn't hear the beginning of her story, but apparently one guy she was going back and forth with online introduced her to the idea of Ahura Mazda, a divinity of the old Iranian religion. Zoroaster declared him to be the uncreated God and  he is the highest deity of worship in the Zoroastrian religion. Ahura means light; mazda, wisdom.

Why am I telling you about the god of an Iranian religion? Let me continue the story. For whatever reason, this Ahura Mazda admirer drops out of my friend's life and she starts dating again. The next guy, totally unrelated to the first guy, turns out to have spent the last twelve years carving a statue of, you guessed it, Ahura Mazda. Let's just be clear here. My friend is neither Iranian or a follower of Zoroastrianism.

Today's prompt is simply this:

Take the above scenario and tell a story. You could tell it straight, from the point of view of a woman who just wants to meet someone she can relate to and ends up with devotees of a foreign god. Or you could tell it from the point of view of Ahura Mazda, who has decided to make a comeback. Or you could take this whole little sequence and spin it in an entirely new direction...

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