Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Short Story Month, Day 8. Take a hike, Buster.

I think my own idea of what a story is has been a bit naive for most of my life. I have largely been under the impression that they have to be about something made up, and was surprised as life went on and I found that so much of what I'd taken to be pure fiction had such large autobiographical elements. I'm still not sure though if a feuilleton is really a story. But after reading Robert Walser, I do now know, more or less, what a feuilleton is. And in fact, quite inadvertently, I recently wrote one .

So here's your prompt for the day.

Go for  a walk. Or if you hate walking, take a ride on a bus. Ride your unicycle--I don't care.The important thing is to go on a little journey. Then sit down somewhere and write what happened.

Simple, yeah? Then what are you waiting for?

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